The Rope Dart Academy

The Rope Dart Academy (RDA) seed was planted in 2005 and born in 2013 to promote, teach and make the rope dart accessible to the world through live instruction, tutorial videos and quality products.

Staying true to this, the RDA has expanded beyond by offering sponsorship programs for practitioners to compete in martial arts tournaments, attend and perform in fire festivals and teach at workshops.

The RDA is growing everyday and you can be a part of it. Scroll down for a list of our Instructors. Please contact us to learn more.


US | East

Frank Hatsis

New York, NY

Sara Hatsis

New York, NY

Kyle Moore

New York, NY

US | Mid West

Kevin Forman


Knox Valleskey

Detroit, MI

Frankie Daddio

Detroit, MI

US | West

Chino Ortega

LA, California

Nick Capobianco

San Diego, CA


Philippe Poissant

Quebec City, Quebec

David M. Lopes

Toronto, Canada

Francis Dube

Montreal, Canada



Algeria, Africa

Dart Life

The Rope Dart Academy

Dart Life

The Rope Dart Academy