Rope Dart Academy

The Rope Dart Academy started in 2005 and is owned and operated by Frank and Sara Hatsis.  Frank and Sara travel the world teaching, performing and promoting the Rope Dart to enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds!
Want to learn the rope dart faster, better and with more clarity?  Start training today and enjoy the physical, mental and health benefits of rope dart practice!
Frank Verical Rope Dart


has learned Rope Dart teaching pedagogy, technique and form under the coaching of her husband, Frank. Sara is co-owner of Rope Dart Academy and is one of the Academy's Certified Lead Instructors. Sara brings both a traditional as well as modern flair to Rope Dart and enjoys sharing that mix with her students. Both Sara and Frank make all of Rope Dart Academy's gear by hand at their studio in Brooklyn, NY.


has over a decade of International and World level Wushu/Kung Fu competition experience and was a member of the United States of America Wushu Team as an athlete. Frank is considered a worldwide leading expert on Rope Dart technique and instruction and his passion and knowledge for the art can be felt by all who train with him.