The Rope Dart

The oldest documented history of the Rope Dart dates back to Ancient China where it was considered a hidden weapon due to its small size and portability. Historical facts about the Rope Dart are few and uncertain, however, most agree that the Rope Dart merely evolved from the idea of a retrievable throwing dart.

Today, the Rope Dart has spread beyond the martial arts and is quickly becoming a favorite fire spinning and dance prop. Further, the Rope Dart is gaining popularity as a fun and fulfilling way to exercise and feel great. Of course, the Rope Dart maintains its place as a truly unique and interesting weapon in Chinese Martial Arts and is arguably the most difficult weapon in Chinese Kung Fu/Wushu tournament competition.

Multiple styles of Rope Dart play have emerged from all of the above disciplines, each with a unique value in movement.

The Rope Dart is exciting to watch in performances, demonstrations and martial arts tournaments and gives its practitioners a feeling of accomplishment and well-being.