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August 28, 2014
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August 28, 2014
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Suicide Wrap

This post is aimed at figuring out the best possible way to do an advanced neck wrap. I have heard this technique called Lion Shakes its Mane in the Martial Arts community (My version is called Golden Lion Shakes its Mane) and the Fire Spinning/Fire Dart world refers to this same technique as a Suicide Wrap, which is appropriately named based on the rope completely wrapping the neck multiple times. Being that they are the same technique (but different set ups), both names will be used interchangeably in this post.

This rope dart technique is excellent and appropriate for the Fire Spinners because they are not using the rope dart as a weapon, per se. In my opinion this technique is not appropriate for Martial Art rope darters (Martial Dartists) because of the danger of using the technique in an actual battle. Let me explain:

As we know the original purpose of the rope dart is a weapon of self defense. It’s efficiency was critical in ancient China and any technique that was considered dangerous to the user was most likely long forgotten. The technique Lion Shakes its Head/Suicide Wrap happens when the rope is allowed to completely wrap the neck, in some cases twice. My challenge with this technique as it pertains to Martial Arts is that if one were using the rope dart in battle, did this technique, and had the dart blocked by a spear or staff, the rope could wrap the aforementioned spear or staff. In other words the rope would wrap around the oppositions weapon. The rope would also be wrapped around the neck of the rope darter and the rope darter would ultimately be strangled by their own rope. A suicide wrap, indeed.

We have to assume that not every technique works every time, i.e. a boxers jab doesn’t always hit its opponent just like a spinning dart doesn’t always hit its opponent. A jab is parried, slipped or blocked and a rope can easily be wrapped around anything it hits. By doing the Neck Wrap/Spin like a Suicide Wrap, and having it fail, a warrior would have ultimately hung himself with his own rope. Why would they do this? It is in my opinion that they wouldn’t. This is why my neck wraps are only open knotted. If I was in ancient China and attempted this technique and my rope wrapped around a spear or staff I might get my weapon taken from me but I will NOT have been choked to death by it because the knot is open. When it comes to Martial Dartists an open knot is the most appropriate way to do a neck spin and the Suicide Wrap should be avoided (the name itself should give that away). The way I understand it they are the same technique when applied but the non-suicide wrap is more efficient and accurate where actual fighting is concerned.

I have no issue with Fire Spinners doing the Suicide Wrap because it is cool to see and they are not billing the rope dart as a weapon. For these players the Suicide Wrap makes sense. I don’t necessarily have an issue with Martial Dartists doing it either (I’m not losing sleep over it) but to me it seems incorrect. For instance, if I had my trusty spear in battle and my opponent came at me with a rope dart doing a suicide wrap I would look to entangle the rope on my spear and choke the guy to death.

To use the Suicide Wrap in actual combat is, well, suicide.


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