Rope Dart DVD 1: Filming

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I have been wanting to make a rope dart instructional DVD for years now and the dream is now an awakening. Mind you, I didn’t have any big names backing me. I didn’t have a definite “yes” from any distributors or businesses. I didn’t really even have a plan. No directors, no high quality cameras, no boom mic operators, editors, crew, scripts, trick camera shots, screen-in-screen shots, smoke, mirrors, anything. Some people need this to look good. Others are simply good. It was a rope dart, me, close to a decade of rope dart knowledge and infinite possibilities. And pizza. As grass roots as one can get.

It all started in the Gowanus Loft in Brooklyn, New York. A great friend got me a day in there to film and I had a co-worker/fellow teacher and all-around awesome person, Lemor Bar-Or, to film with the promise of free pizza and beer. We started early that morning, flipped the camera on and I went with the creative energy and flow of the loft space where artists from the world over come to work, display their art, host shows and yes, film rope dart DVD’s.

We filmed all day, something like 12 hours almost completely non-stop. Being that we were in Brooklyn, a place where anything goes (believe the hype), I noticed during editing that in the Dark Side Body Wrap section there is a car horn honking. During Prodigal Plays With Ball you can faintly hear the friend who got me the space talking on the phone. I couldn’t yell at him, he was doing me a favor by getting me the space. I laugh as I think of it. It are these elements that keeps it real. Brooklyn, baby. The knowledge I drop in this DVD is not found anywhere else. So really, car horn? What car horn?

I wanted this rope dart DVD to be something the fire dart world embraced as well as martial dartists. I was never into excluding anybody like the skateboarders vs. rollerbladers of the 90’s (I was a skateboarder), or the skiers vs. snowboarders of today (I am neither). None of those things is any better or worse and to argue over something like leisure activity, sport and personal interest is ridiculous. I think anybody who swings anything on a rope can benefit from this DVD just like going down a mountain of snow riding anything is fun.

I bared my soul on this DVD. I take you, the viewer, the artist, deep into the rabbit hole. During editing, as I watched what was now about to be the final product, I worried that I was getting so in depth it would be over peoples heads. I think (hope) people’s biggest surprise will be when they see the intricate finger holds/grips/positioning I do to perform these techniques. I am hoping they will say, “Wow. I had no idea he was doing all of that.” But alas, my ego dreams.

So, why do this DVD? I felt there was a gaping hole in this space. Every other rope dart DVD out there seems to start and end in the same spot with the same techniques with different names. No disrespect or insult to any rope dart author, their DVD’s are great and I’ve watched almost all of them. I simply picked up where they left off. I didn’t want to put another basic DVD out there. Heck, my basic videos on covers almost all of the techniques found on basic others DVD’s and I give it to the world for free. I also tried to tie in what other DVD’s offer. For instance, if you have any of the basic DVD’s out there then you have all of the necessary tools to comprehend my intermediate and advanced rope dart DVD. This was done deliberately. I want to make it easy for everybody to learn.

Like Gaston says in the movie Ratatouille, “Anybody can cook, errr, rope dart.”

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