Silk Leash w/Technora for Fire Darts **2 Week Lead Time**


There is currently a 2 week lead time on shipping!  Thank You for your patience and understanding!

***This Leash is not for beginners/novices!***

The Silk Leash with Technora for Fire Darts is a collaboration between Rope Dart Academy and Dark Monk and is designed for EXPERIENCED/PROFESSIONAL Fire Spinners.

This Leash was designed to give Dartists a solution for a smooth and comfortable feel when spinning fire.  A double loop hold with 16″ of spliced technora ensures strength and safety when spinning.

Added to the Leash is our new ‘Flower Grip.’  The Flower Grip is designed as a handle for Dartists to comfortably hold when performing flowers and other tech shapes!


***Silk Leash For Fire Safety Protocol***

-DO NOT allow fuel to absorb anywhere on your Silk Leash or Technora Lead.  DO NOT light your Fire Head if fuel is anywhere on your leash! 

-Do not use your Silk Leash without spinning off excess fuel from your Dart head into a proper reclamation center.  

-***Once your Fire Dart is lit, the head MUST be moving at all times***  

-Do not expose your Silk Leash to flames. 

-Check your hardware and stitching before each and every use

– If there is any noticeable damage or if anything on your leash appears defective, do not use it.  Contact Rope Dart Academy and we will help you.  


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