Cotton Canvas Flat Leash w/Technora Lead for Fire Darts


There is currently a 2 week lead time on shipping!  Thank You for your patience and understanding!

***This Leash is not recommended for beginners/novices***

NEW Flat Leash for Fire Darts from Rope Dart Academy are here!  We’ve been searching for a solution since we discontinued our Silk Leash for Fire darts and are super excited with this option! 

Made from thick Duck Cotton Canvas and an 18″ technora lead with swivel and quick link, these leashes feel great with your favorite heavy fire head.  We LOVE IT with our Lotus Head from Dark Monk! 

To be clear:  This is NOT our Silk Leash fabric.  This material is heavier, which pairs well with a heavy head, and is more grippy & durable.  Made with same beloved RDA Leash design!

***Cotton Canvas Leash Fire Safety Protocol***

-DO NOT allow fuel to absorb anywhere on your Leash or Technora Lead.  DO NOT light your Fire Head if fuel is anywhere on your leash! 

-Do not use your Leash without spinning off excess fuel from your Dart head into a proper reclamation center.  

***Once your Fire Dart is lit, the head must be moving at all times***  

-Do not expose your Leash to flames-

-Check your hardware and stitching before each and every use

– If there is any noticeable damage or if anything on your leash appears defective or burnt (dark spots, excessive charring, etc), do not use it.  Contact Rope Dart Academy with a photo and we will gladly help you determine if your leash is safe to use.  

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9ft, 11ft