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August 24, 2015
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September 28, 2015
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Cobra Dart – Paisley **Black And Royal Blue Paisley Sold Out**


The RDA Cobra Dart is a weaponized version of our Silk Dart and is intended for experienced practitioners. The Cobra Dart is made of beautiful Silk Brocade, and features a slimmer head with reinforced bottom and swivel link.

The Cobra Dart pouch is reinforced with ripstop lining and is stitched together using heavy denim thread, giving the dartist confidence when spinning. Our Silk Darts are the strongest fabric Darts out there and will hold up to the most dynamic spinning. The Silk Brocade is soft, giving the user a smooth feel when practicing, performing or dancing.

Avoid submerging/saturating the pouch in water.  Do not put in a washing machine


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Royal Blue, Red, Black

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7.5 (standard)

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