Onyx Silk Dart / Cobra Dart!


We currently have a 2-3 week lead time – all gear is made by hand!  Thank you for your patience! 

The Onyx Dart is here!!!

The Onyx Dart is made of 2 layers of Nylon Ripstop and a Dyneema protective bottom – Dyneema and Ripstop are some of the strongest materials available while also remaining light in weight!

There is a black coating over the Dyneema which will have some normal wear and tear with ground scrapes, revealing the white Dyneema underneath.  While the black coating will show signs of wear, the white Dyneema underneath will keep your dart healthy and intact for a LONG time!!

Choose your leash length as well!  All of our Leashes are adjustable and can be worn shorter than their length.

All bean bags are weighed to your chosen preference before they are put in the head.

What is the Difference Between a Silk Dart design and Cobra Dart design:
The Silk Dart design is designed for a smoother, slower flow.  It has a broader head with a wider weight distribution.
The Cobra Dart design, like a more traditional Rope Dart head, is designed for speed.  It has a more narrow, thin head with a dense weight distribution.

**Please do not submerge your dart head in water!**



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Silk Dart design, Cobra Dart design

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9ft, 11ft


7.5oz, 8.5oz, 9.5oz