‘Mayhem Dart’ Silk & Cobra Darts!


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~ All gear is made by hand in batches ~

Rope Dart Academy and Flow Mayhem have teamed up to bring Dartists a Performance Dart that we think you’ll LOVE!

Our new Mayhem Dart features a double wide Leash and heavier head for a smoother, graceful flow! 

This Leash shows up great, whether on a stage or on camera!

Spin fire?  The Mayhem Dart is the closest feel to the weight of a Lotus head burning BRIGHT!!! 

Get that day practice in and rage all night!


These Darts are made of beautiful Silk Brocade and SilkSatin, and the pouch is reinforced with ripstop lining and stitched together using heavy denim thread, giving the dartist confidence when spinning.

Our Silk & Cobra Darts will hold up to your dynamic spinning. The material is soft, giving the user a smooth feel when practicing, performing or dancing!

Choose your leash length as well!  All of our Leashes are adjustable and can be worn shorter than their length.

All bean bags are weighed to your chosen preference before they are put in the head.

What is the Difference Between a Silk Dart and Cobra Dart:
The Silk Dart is designed for a smoother, slower flow.  It has a broader head with a wider weight distribution.
The Cobra Dart, like a more traditional Rope Dart head, is designed for speed.  It has a more narrow, thin head with a dense weight distribution.

**For best results, we recommend using your RopeDart on grass, dirt, indoor flooring, or smooth surfaces.**


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Silk Dart, Cobra Dart


Midnight Cherry Blossom, Crimson


9 ounces, 10 ounces, 11 ounces, 12 ounces

Leash Length

9ft, 11ft