Mash-Up Dart


Dartists!  Our gear is made by hand in small batches – the lead time on shipping is 2-3 weeks.

Thank You for your patience and support!! 

What is a Mash-Up Dart??  

A Mash-Up Dart is a Silk or Cobra Dart whose Head and Leash are made of totally random (and different!) colors and patterns from our fabric collection!  It’s the ultimate Wild Card of Darts!!

Your Mash-Up Silk or Cobra Dart will be a complete surprise to you until you open the package!  Until then, all we can tell you for certain is that you will LOVE the way it feels.

Choose your leash length as well!  All of our Leashes are adjustable and can be worn shorter than their length.

What is the Difference Between a Silk Dart and Cobra Dart:
The Silk Dart is designed for a smoother, slow flow.  It has a broader head with a wider weight distribution.
The Cobra Dart, like a more traditional Rope Dart head, is designed for speed.  It has a more narrow, thin head with a dense weight distribution.

**For best results, we recommend using on grass, dirt, indoor flooring, or smooth surfaces.  Please do not submerge your dart head in water!**

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Silk Dart, Cobra Dart

Leash Length (not including Head)

9 Feet, 11 Feet