Dragon’s Tooth Rope Dart w/ Silk Leash & Satin Flag


The ‘Dragons Tooth’ Traditional Metal Rope Dart is back!!

These darts are built to order by hand from beginning to end, and will ship in 4-6 weeks.

Customized Colors are only available until November 20th!  Any orders placed after November 20th will be a Gold Head with a Black Leash and Red Flag 

Please Note: We are unable to do Custom Engraving at this time, thank you for understanding! 


The Dragon’s Tooth Rope Dart is handmade with tons of love and care by Frank & Sara Hatsis.  It’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece, and a must-have for Rope Dartists of any skill level!

This traditional metal dart head was designed to be well balanced, with precision flight and speed.  You will not find it’s unique shape anywhere else!  Paired with our much loved Silk Leashes, this Rope Dart flies like a dream.

The Dragon’s Tooth dart head weighs 7.5 oz., and is perfect for practice, exercise, performance and self defense!

These leashes come measured at 11 feet long with a loop at the end for a slipknot –  you can adjust it to your preference!

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***These beautiful rope darts are built to order by hand from beginning to end, and will ship out in 4-6 weeks. 

Our goal is to have these out as fast as possible, while also delivering an amazing handmade piece of equipment.***

Additional information

Dart Head Color

Gold, Purple, Black, Blue, Red

Silk Leash Color

Black, Red, Purple, Blue

Phoenix Tail Flag Color

Black Satin, Red Satin, Purple Satin, Blue Satin