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The chili tasted good. A cold beer to wash it down with would have been nice though.

The Championships venue, The Wyndham in Orlando, was big; I had helped myself to their pool, (read: snuck in), got a last minute work out in the gym and, of course, enjoyed the sauna. I did steal a towel from the desk when no one was looking and I did return it later that week. I am sure this hotel would have been a great place to stay at.

The chili tasted good. A person to eat with would have been nice though.

The trunk of the rented car I sat on was comfortable, the parking lot empty. I was happy that I had grabbed a plastic fork off of a house cleaning cart inside the hotel; it was either that or drink the chili straight from the can.

The chili tasted good. Uncertain where I would find myself that evening I was probably a sight to see by any onlooker. Prepared to sleep in the car I waited for a text, any text, from anyone to say, “Hey! You can come over and sleep here!” Sweating in the florida heat, no doubt smelly and clutching on that can of chili as if it were my only food – because it was, I ran through my forms in my head, which has a tendency to make me move my arms and torso as if I was actually Rope Darting. Tomorrow, Monday, would be round 1 of the WKC World Championships; either I would advance and have to come back again later in the week for the second and final rounds, or, I would be in Florida for about a week with absolutely nothing to do.

The chili tasted good as I pondered life. The car was comfortable as I questioned my sanity. The fork did its job of being a fork. The odds tomorrow were, of course, against me. A kung fu stylist winning anything in the World Karate Championships is like trying to win the Tour d’France on a tricycle.

The chili tasted good, I found myself blinking my eyes, “Am I really here right now?” These moments have happened to me before: I get this wild idea to go do something, seemingly fall asleep in default world and wake up at the place I desired to be at, oftentimes having no recollection of the events that took place to get me there. It is bewildering. I shuttered and had that “shook” feeling, that, “what am I doing here right now?” feeling. Magic is real and can leave one breathless, beware of your inherent powers my Wizard friends.

The chili tasted good. I was alone, going down the only road I’ve ever known. This gave me Faith.

The chili tasted good. Realizing that this adventure meant that I will have one less Ghost of possibilities surrounding my death bed. This gave me Peace.

The chili tasted good. I would march onto that competition floor tomorrow for my RDA Team and for every dartist in the world. This gave me Love.

Demons subsided momentarily, I finished eating my chili.

It tasted good