Five Things To Consider

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Practicality is a touchy subject in any martial art. A possible cause is that some martial arts instructors throw the responsibility of the materials effectiveness on the strict nature of the arts syllabus, and not on themselves as an instructor. All too often in the minds of many practitioners, if a person challenges one part of the syllabus, that person isn’t only challenging that one part, they’re challenging the entire art itself along with all of the time that person has put into studying it. Thankfully, a lot of the fun in trying to understand how to best use a … Continued

The Purpose of the Rope Dart Flag

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Generally, the rope dart is made of 4 components: the dart/throwing knife, rope, rings and the rope dart flag. While the purpose of some of these components are obvious, I have not come across anyone who sees the flags purpose the way I do. A quick search of the internet will have various authors describe the rope dart flag as a means of wind resistance or drag. Others describe its use as a means for distraction or to hide the dart. Before we explore both ideas and get to my own rope dart flag theory I would like to point … Continued

Rope Dart Rings Theory

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A major component of the rope dart are the rings that connect the dart to the rope. The rings are often overlooked as an essential part of the weapon and I have recently heard some alternative logic with regard to the rings functionality. First, let’s look at what I have personally heard people describe as the rings function. I have heard that the rope dart rings purpose is to entangle the intestines/guts of a pierced enemy so that when the dart is withdrawn from the body it will pull out said enemy’s intestines/guts. Now, I am not claiming I know … Continued