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Recently, I was having lunch with a friend when she mentioned that a mutual friend of ours and her were having a conversation.  Their conversation lead to all things Rope Dart.  My friend asked our mutual friend why he wasn’t an RDA Instructor.  Our mutual friend responded to her (paraphrased):  ‘I will join the RDA when someone can tell me what the benefit of being in the RDA is.’

Here we go.

You see, that’s the thing:  as an instructor there is no benefit.  Well, almost no benefit.  I’ll explain the ‘well, almost no benefit’ later… first things first:

The benefit of being in The Rope Dart Academy is for the student, not the instructor.  When a student trains with a Rope Dart Academy Instructor they are training with an expert.  It is this simple.  That does not mean a person who is not an RDA instructor isn’t good, however, in keeping with the idea of student benefit it seems necessary to share.  Simply look at our roster.  It is the who’s who of the best people, from multiple countries no less.

Our instructors walk the walk.  I apologize if this has not been obvious, we do try hard to make it so.

Indeed, the benefit is that students are getting expert level martial artists and world class athletes, expert level dancers, expert level fire spinners… basically, expert level everything.

This is good.

There is a lot of bad information out there with regard to the Rope Dart.  Misunderstood techniques, training methods, outdated barriers, old arguments and worst of all, training gear.  Most of these ideologies are so poor that when some speak on the subject they admit their ignorance.

Yes, the benefit is that the student who trains with Rope Dart Academy Instructors are met with patience, understanding, know how and real world experience.

I believe the saying goes, ‘Ya can’t fake the funk.’  You cannot buy, sell, trade, beg for, borrow or steal what being an RDA Instructor is.  It is ethereal, and clearly not for everyone.

The benefit is everywhere:  festivals, tournaments, workshops, classes, virtual…simply open your eyes.

Those that ask what the benefit is clearly do not understand these principles.  In fairness, this selfish type of approach and total lack of understanding of what makes an instructor good is in harmony with the RDA;  The necessary opposite side to make our side exist.  Without poor instruction, lack of basic knowledge and products that break our great instruction, plethora of knowledge and great products wouldn’t be here.  Thanks guys!

I digress.  The benefits:

This brings me to the instructors.  There is a benefit to being one of our instructors:  you are upheld to a high moral and ethical standard.  You are in good character and are a good teacher.  You can explore the Rope Dart in whatever way makes you happy. You are a chill person, not bigoted, relaxed, confident and have great energy.  You have heart and grit.  You believe in community, in helping others and being a leader.

Oh, and you’re a total bad ass with a Rope Dart.

When students hear that you’re an RDA Instructor they immediately know that they are getting an expert, not a backyard ninja.

Personally, I carry the title of Rope Dart Academy instructor proudly.

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