Alchemist : Part 3

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The monk began working.  I watched as best I could but I found myself entranced in his movements.  As I watched, time played with my own understanding and as for the dark clouds outside, they got much darker and started rolling in the sky.  The monk would hold something up to my eyes in slow motion and then with a grin on his face time would speed up as the monk started manipulating said object.

I shook my head over and over again.  What was he doing?  How was he making this?  What was in that tea?

The room began to spin but we remained stationary.  The clouds grew even darker and more ferocious.  BOOM!  A crack of thunder exploded that shook the entire mountain.  The monk continued to pick up pieces of material in slow motion and then manipulate it in a speed that was incomprehensible.  My movements stayed normal – he was fast as lightning.

The monk continued bending, twisting and taking objects that were not designed for our purposes and turning them into objects of purpose.  My attempt of writing down the steps was fruitless, my hand could not keep up with what my eyes were watching.  In fact, my eyes could barely keep up with what my eyes were watching.

Just before I could ask a question the monk stopped, looked at me, smiled and held his creation up.  The Sunlight exploded through the clouds, into the lab and beamed from the monks hand.  The light was so bright I fell off of the rock I was sitting on.  I couldn’t see what it was, only light radiating from the monks hand.  I rubbed my eyes, still entranced as the monk placed the object into my hand.

It was pure gold.

We caught eyes and smiled at each other.  His thoughts were instantly transferred into my head. I saw his future, I saw our future and I was happy.

“We will make a lot of gold this weekend, whatever you make you can keep and take home with you,” the monk proclaimed.

Excited, I thanked the monk profusely.  Never had I seen someone make gold before, much less, the ability to take gold home with me.

The legends were true.  There really was a monk on top of the mountain.  This monk really knew how to turn objects into gold.  The monk never bragged about his magic either and shared all of his knowledge (and thankfully, beer) with me.   Venerable, patient, honest and generous, he was.

The Alchemist.