November 17, 2015
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February 20, 2016
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That Night

The take over started. Dozens of dartists were on the field, the burn in the air made his heart sing.

Moving through the crowd, he stopped at every dartist to smile and receive a smile back. Exchanging other friendly gestures for but a moment in time-space.

And then, he saw her. Away in the distance, tearing up the Earth with a gentle ferocity that only a Wizard could do. The dust she kicked in the air was her partner, giving and taking good vibrations.

He made his way towards her, when within ear shot yelled her name, “—-!”
She caught his eyes, the hold felt as an eternity. The magnetism between the two was energetic, resistance was futile so he surrendered to her.

She danced so close to him, testing him, pushing him, making him better, wanting more. He was hoping that bundle of wick on the end of his rope would last an eternity.

Her speed was so fast that time stopped. His foot steps were so silent they were thunderous. What would be one of his most memorable Rope Dart moments ever was witnessed by on-lookers who thought that the two choreographed all of this.

Yes. It was under this Illuminated Sky in Northern California, playing in an Enchanted Forest that played back with them, that the Queen and King finally danced


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