Intro. to Rope Dart

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The first time I picked up anything resembling a rope dart it was a Gforce predator switchblade kama with a long piece of cord tied to the end. I was 13 and wanted to see if I could stick it into a tree. After 45 minutes of aimlessly swinging it around in the air I got tired and stopped caring. The next day I went outside and swung it around some more. I did this almost daily for a week or so. After a while I just sort of forgot about it and moved onto the next thing. About 3 … Continued

Five Things To Consider

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Practicality is a touchy subject in any martial art. A possible cause is that some martial arts instructors throw the responsibility of the materials effectiveness on the strict nature of the arts syllabus, and not on themselves as an instructor. All too often in the minds of many practitioners, if a person challenges one part of the syllabus, that person isn’t only challenging that one part, they’re challenging the entire art itself along with all of the time that person has put into studying it. Thankfully, a lot of the fun in trying to understand how to best use a … Continued