The Phoenix Tail Rope Dart Flag

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For years the accepted method of rope dart flag fray prevention was to burn the edges of the flag. Burning the edges always worked initially, but then the flag would have to be burned again. And again. And again, until there was little to no flag left. This method of burning the flag resulted in both the flags inconsistency of shape and size and inconsistency of flight and wind drag making it difficult for practitioners to find consistent speed and control. Because the best flags used are made of silk, tying them to the rope dart is challenging. The silk … Continued

Rope Dart Elbow Shoot: Single or Double Wrap?

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A question came in with regard to the elbow shot. Here is the question exactly as I received it: Have you ever considered the double wrap rear elbow shot? I have, and it all came about after some target practice. There has always been something about the rear elbow shot I didn’t like and now I know what it is. With the single wrap, the dart head wobbles or tilts after shooting, but with the second wrap, the head is straight on, and is easier to target with, well at least for me. It also seems to pack a meaner … Continued

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