Rope Dart DVD 2: The Decision To Not Have A Form

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The decision to not put a form on the rope dart DVD was easy. Personally, I have only seen 3 different rope dart forms. One is the compulsory form set up by the Chinese Wushu governing body. It is the first rope dart form I had ever seen, found on the documentary “Precious Treasure,”which showcases rarely seen Kung Fu systems. There is Sifu Dennis Browns “Silver Dragons Tongue” form (I know he is a student of Sifu Willy Lin but am not 100% if he got the rope dart from him) and of course, there is Jin HengLi and anything … Continued

Rope Dart DVD 1: Filming

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I have been wanting to make a rope dart instructional DVD for years now and the dream is now an awakening. Mind you, I didn’t have any big names backing me. I didn’t have a definite “yes” from any distributors or businesses. I didn’t really even have a plan. No directors, no high quality cameras, no boom mic operators, editors, crew, scripts, trick camera shots, screen-in-screen shots, smoke, mirrors, anything. Some people need this to look good. Others are simply good. It was a rope dart, me, close to a decade of rope dart knowledge and infinite possibilities. And pizza. … Continued

Rope Dart Accuracy First

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I have heard some say that accuracy should come later and technique should come first. I have even heard that accuracy doesn’t matter at all whether a new or seasoned practitioner. This nonsense is in and of itself inaccurate (pun intended). What does practicing rope dart accuracy initially do for the practitioner? What are the deeper purposes? For one, it is the easiest way to enjoy the rope dart. One doesn’t need to know any techniques to have fun simply trying to aim and hit various things (tree, fence, etc). I enjoy walking. I walk to the store, the pizza … Continued

Rope Dart Rings Theory

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A major component of the rope dart are the rings that connect the dart to the rope. The rings are often overlooked as an essential part of the weapon and I have recently heard some alternative logic with regard to the rings functionality. First, let’s look at what I have personally heard people describe as the rings function. I have heard that the rope dart rings purpose is to entangle the intestines/guts of a pierced enemy so that when the dart is withdrawn from the body it will pull out said enemy’s intestines/guts. Now, I am not claiming I know … Continued

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