The Impracticality of a Rope Dart?

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The words practical and impractical seem to be popping up quite often now. I often get e-mails asking me about the practicality, or impracticality of the rope dart. Some of these e-mails are question based, some are factual based and some are way out in left field. Let’s look at the practicality of the rope dart as a weapon of self defense first. Before we begin, let’s assume that the bearer of the rope dart is fairly accurate and handles it well. By ‘handle it well’ I mean they have a rapid, yet controlled speed of the spinning dart. ’Fairly … Continued

The Best Prerequisite for a Rope Dart?

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A question I received about prerequisites for the rope dart: I heard chain whip is a requirement for rope dart. True or false? It makes sense to me. Because of this knot I”m going to practice chain whip too. It seems good for close combat. Maybe see if I can use the whip left handed then switch to the rope dart. Ambitious I know, but I’ll think of it as a long term goal. -Robert My answer: Glad to hear you were able to figure it out. I had the idea of doing some leftie whip chain then going into … Continued

Suicide Wrap

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This post is aimed at figuring out the best possible way to do an advanced neck wrap. I have heard this technique called Lion Shakes its Mane in the Martial Arts community (My version is called Golden Lion Shakes its Mane) and the Fire Spinning/Fire Dart world refers to this same technique as a Suicide Wrap, which is appropriately named based on the rope completely wrapping the neck multiple times. Being that they are the same technique (but different set ups), both names will be used interchangeably in this post. This rope dart technique is excellent and appropriate for the … Continued

Rope Dart Technique Classifications

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This post is aimed at classifying various rope dart sub techniques. Sub techniques are all of the things that get a practitioner to the actual technique as well as bridge. For an easy example, the downward rotation that twines the elbow, which results in dart projection is a basic elbow shot. The sub technique of the elbow shot is the downward rotation. Likewise, and as a harder example, a downward rotation to a saddle wrap to a foot shoot is none other than the technique called “Prodigal Plays With Ball.” In mathematical terms, which are clearly terms I shouldn’t be … Continued

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