Intermediate and Advanced Rope Dart DVD

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Appreciated for the high level of skill to control and wield properly the rope dart is growing in popularity at a fast rate and is as exciting to learn, as it is to watch. Born of the simple idea of a retrievable throwing dart, the rope dart is considered a hidden weapon easily transportable for exercise, practice, performance and self defense. This series has 8 intermediate techniques and 8 advanced techniques, which are formulated in a progressive and comprehensive manner to ensure clarity, confidence and enjoyment. The methods found on this series are taught by International Gold Medalist,Teacher and Trainer, … Continued


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The first time I saw the rope dart used (or ever, for that matter) was by Sifu Michael Parella in his Kung Fu school in Queens, N.Y. where I was an instructor. He was doing basic things but he handled the weapon well. Other than a pendulum swing, he also did what I consider to be the first body wrap one should learn; I thought the rope was wrapped around him and when it came out at me I was in a state of awe (this technique is found on my first lesson on body wraps). He also asked me … Continued

The Rope Dart Tennis Ball Misconception

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Before I get into this I do want to point out that I am not against replacing the dart head with a tennis ball or other modified object in the beginning stages of learning. I do, however, disagree with always using a modified version. This methodology is a slippery slope and I will do my best to articulate what this is all about. When I first started practicing rope dart I had two rope darts. One was a classic conical rope dart, which I used most of the time. The other, a rope with a bag of rice at the … Continued

The Purpose of the Rope Dart Flag

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Generally, the rope dart is made of 4 components: the dart/throwing knife, rope, rings and the rope dart flag. While the purpose of some of these components are obvious, I have not come across anyone who sees the flags purpose the way I do. A quick search of the internet will have various authors describe the rope dart flag as a means of wind resistance or drag. Others describe its use as a means for distraction or to hide the dart. Before we explore both ideas and get to my own rope dart flag theory I would like to point … Continued