Rope Dart DVD Part 3 : The Decision To Not Have A Form

by Frank Hatsis on May 19, 2013

The decision to not put a form on the DVD was easy.  So far as I know, 3 rope dart forms exist.  One is the compulsory form set up by the Chinese Wushu governing body.  It is the first rope dart form I had ever seen, found on the documentary “Precious Treasure,”which showcases rarely-scene Kung Fu systems.  There is Sifu Dennis Browns “Silver Dragons Tongue” form (I know he is a student of Sifu Willy Lin but am not 100% if he got the rope dart from him) and of course, there is Jin HengLi and anything that Sifu does with a rope dart is legitimate (don’t know the name of his form).  Sifu Kenny Perez, I believe, is a student of Jin HengLi, and learned the rope dart from him.  Every other form that is out there (on DVD’s or otherwise) is completely made up by the author, including mine.

Other than that, I encourage practitioners (specifically martial dartists) to make up their own form.  By putting a form on the DVD I felt it would be limiting others to doing what I do.  Limiting others with a limitless weapon is counter to my personal beliefs.  Heck, when I started there was no information about rope darts available like there is today, my form(s) are 100% my brain child, for better or worse.  I was able to evolve with it.  As I learned more (I’m still learning) I would add, subtract, tweak and change my form.  I have been doing this for years now.  I am always constantly changing it, making it better (hopefully), faster (and again, hopefully) and more evolved.

I encourage you to make your own form up.  Own it, it is a better feeling than following someone else.  Don’t limit yourself to what others are doing.  Don’t think that ‘learning a rope dart form’ is the end-all be-all of this weapon.

The decision to not put a form on the DVD was not only deliberate, it was the easiest decision I had to make on the project  : )



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